Work with me

The vision 

Our world is slowly but continuously shifting towards a more humanistic and collaborative approach to community and mental health.
I want to be a tiny piece of that meaningful change, by making better emotional, relational and psycho-sexual tools and support available for all.
I advocate for a free access to those support and education in all institutions and communities.

Who I am

I am a passionate collector and explorer of wisdom, truth and wholeness.
At least 5 books (excluding fiction!) live on my nightstand at all times, all defaced by loving notes for future reference. Obtaining my Master’s degree was only the very beginning of my training. 
I hunt passion, depth, and excellence. I am a stewardess for the incredible work of tons of nerdy experts, deeply in love with their field. People who spent their lives studying a tiny part of what makes us human. Together, they form a huge puzzle and the most awesome dream team imaginable. We got your back. :) 

Our collaboration and its ramifications 

We both reform through our work a world suffering from emotional illiteracy.
Where so many of us don’t really know how they work, either as individuals or as communities.
Where it is so hard to find a place and a sense of belonging.
Where power, status and greed are the most practiced values, when most of us deeply crave for love, meaning and collaboration.
By guiding and supporting you to find your most powerful and meaningful expression in this crazy world of ours, I know I will be reinforcing the growing army of badasses making it a better place for everyone and allowing others to thrive too. 
I cannot wait! 

The method 

I work under the assomption that mental illness is a normal logical response, not an anomaly.
We all encounter trauma (small or big). Our environment (including our upbringing) mostly defines the way we respond to it, and our world is designed in a way that makes it very good at creating mental illness. To survive trauma, some of us will need to develop strategies, evolving later into mental illnesses. There are ways of making them mostly irrelevant, at the very least less pervasive, with time and committed self-work.
My method embraces the PERMA model for better living and working.

What will happen in sessions

Safety first : We will first create a safe enough place to learn new things, providing some immediate relief.
Mapping : We will map together the complex armor and mechanisms you developed, as well as why you needed them in the first place, to find new solutions. I will ask hard but loving questions about you, your loved ones and sometimes your past.
Exploring meaning & learning commitment : We will explore what really matters to you. Devise plans to get there and to face your type of resistance. We then will follow-up and tweak together that personal process as needed on the way.
It is from that place of radical honesty, acceptance, and love, that the very best of who we can be in our world flourishes. I believe strongly this is the purpose of human life.
If you believe this might work for you, please go ahead and contact me, I cannot wait to hear from you!