About me


Hello there, dear fellow love warrior,

My name is Laetitia (leh-ti-sia). It is French (my beloved nationality), and means joy in Latin. 
My deep passion for psychology and social justice fuels my continuous learning and experimenting of what it means to be human.
I practice as a coaching psychologist, a hybrid method of coaching on a bedrock of psychological and sociological knowledge.

My deepest beliefs

I believe our purpose in life as humans is to experiment the world, being as fully ourselves as we can be, whatever that uniquely means for each of us. 
I believe even more that this is how we slowly change the world and make it a better place for EVERYONE.
I also believe our world needs to become a place where we can all flourish and thrive too. Where EVERYONE (not just a lucky few) has a right to do more than merely survive.
visual of a galaxy reading : “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star stuff. We are a way for the Universe to know itself.” Carl Sagan

The ways I advocate for those beliefs in my professional life

I was trained as a clinical psychologist in Paris X university, France. My diploma focused on an interdisciplinary training on evaluating techniques and performing several kinds of therapies. Those included mindfulness-based relaxation techniques, Cognitive and behavioural therapies and Systemic therapy
I focus my one-to-one work on guiding leaders, warriors and helpers through the healing of their inner child and the development of what I lovingly call emotional badassery : tools and practices helping us be the best version of ourselves and have loving relationships with ourselves, others and the world. 
Alongside that work, I supervise French professionals who intervene on the radio and in schools. They work for an association for the education around psychological and sexual development and the prevention of sexual violence.
I illustrated and co-wrote with them a guide for the sexual education of children and the prevention of sexual violence
I sometimes participate to the radio show when the topic calls for it.
I also give talks and am preparing a podcast on emotional badassery in our personal lives, creative and professional practices.
I blog on my website and share visual and written content on Instagram.
Finally, I am creating with schools willing to experiment alternative education programs educating children and teenagers on emotions and relationships. 

Why the focus on self-work

When any of us is taking the time to heal our wounds and allow ourselves to thrive, we are changing the world in the best way possible :
We break our family generational traumatic cycles and learn how to really know and love ourselves
Self-love is also a requisite and catalyst to live with others lovingly, boldly and peacefully
We can also then create stronger bonds with higher powers, like Nature or the Universe (you might call them God). This can bring a lot of love, menaing and serenity to our lives.
When we are helping or in charge of others around us (healing, teaching, advocating, leading), this personal work becomes even more important. 
We also have a meaningful and powerful reason to want to grow and to persist in this deep work despite hardship : be a better leader/helper and have a bigger and better impact on others to create a better world together.

The ways I embody those values in my personal life

I am a queer white-passing Eurasian, (invisibly) disabled, middle-class woman, constantly working on dismantling her/their own privilege, mental illness and trauma through therapy, supervision and self-work.
I am a radical intersectional feminist (including anti-capitalism and environmentalism) and work grounded in a strong non-religious spirituality and cultural humility. I practice some buddhism.
I am a joyful purpose activist and an emotional badassery facilitator.
I am also a creative butterfly : a writer, a speaker, an illustrator and a letterer, using words and visual arts to share nuggets of wisdom and love.
I won’t ever push any of this on you since I believe this must stem from personal choice to have any value in our life, but you will hear or sense some of it through our conversations.
I am very open to discussing any of it if you have any fear or question about it. I believe authenticity is one of my best strengths.
Human first, therapist second!

Our collaboration

I have spent 10 years working with highly sensitive, intelligent (a lot of them with a profile of high potential(s)), brave individuals, couples and families. 
We focused on helping them design a life and relationships they truly love, including flourishing and inspiring careers.
I am now narrowing the focus of my practice towards world-changers and helpers : therapists/coaches/healers, activists, teachers and socially responsible leaders.
I would love to have fun together exploring who you are and what you want to bring to this world, and then making it happen or thrive!
But please, before we do, have a look on this page detailing how I unconventionally work. This deep work can really get hard and uncomfortable. I want to make sure we are a great fit before we embark on this incredible adventure together.  :)
With Love,