33/100 days of emotional badassery - In which the Universe intervenes

Photo by Yeshi Kangrang on Unsplash
Today, I started my day with such a great class with my new coach for the year, badass Tiffany Han. 
I was amazed by how mosts part of the course seemed “made for me right here, right now”. The monthly theme we started with, the inspiration for the course (one of the next books I wanted to read but hesitated to… I’m not anymore, I started it), the challenge she asked us to take on… 
It wasn’t perfect of course, nothing is, but so many things were, which feels so so great and reassuring, given how risky it felt to take that chance to work with her for me.
I slept for a little while, and then I woke up to go meet someone to do some charity work. I took a cab because I don’t have a car here, and… Well, I slept for 3 hours, the bus system is not always reliable on our tiny island and the appointment was not close from home.
I arrived there, looked for the place for a while, ended up calling the person I was supposed to meet, and learnt it wasn’t the proper place. 
I wasn’t informed of that before, she thought I was, stupid, annoying quiproquo. 
So I called a cab back. 
It was pretty discouraging, I was quite exhausted. 
“All that hustle for volunteering? I’m not sure that hustle is worth it…”.
I hesitated to cancel and go home. And then decided that I had invested too much time, energy, money in this to cancel and give up.
The warm morning sun caressing my face was a lovely way to spend that ‘lost' time waiting. 
On our way back, I felt something even stronger than on the way there, a call.
Last year, when I talked about my move with a friend, he immediately advised me to contact the local University for a job, mentioning how much they would probably love my skillset there. 
I haven't so far, I was full of doubt on my competency (a common self-trap of mine). Me, teaching officially?
And yet, today, the only useful part of that journey (except the learnt lesson I definitely need to ask people to confirm things) was that, when riding in front of the University, I felt some pull in my belly, something called me.
I had no idea where the University was, and had no reason to go there ever, except with that mistake. But looking at that foreign building, it definitely felt like home. 
I don’t often feel that way, but when I do, it’s usually for very good reasons.
[more on this a few paragraphs later]
After all that hustle, I finally arrived at my meeting. Fortunately she had more time for meeting me than planned. We discussed and both realized quickly we were a perfect fit for each other, despite a not so good beginning. 
I had exactly the kind of weird times they need thanks to my crazy schedule, a skillset they don’t have yet, even my personal background is a perfect fit. 
They work with all the cultures from the region that I am so eager to learn more about, with communication and listening skills I’d like to practice more, in a way that diversifies my practice exactly the way I need it to, and the loveliest people I met since my arrival and lonely stay. 
She even put me in contact with two other persons eager to collaborate with someone like me, with very interesting propositions.
In the end, she ended up offering me a part time job instead of the occasional volunteering we mentioned through email initially, that I gladly accepted, to my own surprise, my heart spoke for me. 
Bonus points for the non-volunteering part since I am not rolling on money right now, had some extra expenses and were very anxious about it.
I need to redo my CV for them, for the first time in almost 10 years, which is perfect to also send some propositions to the University and see where this will get me, something I would have never done just for the University thing, or a volunteering position.
Now that I felt "the pull” and logistics are out of the way, I am curious and braver. My heart is so much more of a badass than I am.
And then, there was a little WTF mini cherry topping that yummy cake.
On my arrival there, I lost my phone credit, so I had to walk then take the bus home. 
Lost, I asked for directions to a stranger, who was kind enough to drive me to a bank and a bus stop nearby.
We discussed on the way, and I found a new potential friend, offering me to stay at hers if I was visiting the North part of the island (which we planned to do from next month!), have lunch soon, and to call her if I needed a short ride too. 
It’s a small city, and the local population is usually very nice, but still, that’s really something I would have never expected! 
This was the CRAZIEST day I had in a while. And in so many ways it was maddening and so frustrating. 
And yet it was also woven by opportunities that felt like they were little nudges from the Universe. 
It doesn’t mean everything will go perfectly (did you read the WHOLE thing? lol), nothing ever guarantees that kind of smoothness. 
But for the thousandth of thousandth time, it showed me that as long as I’m willing to persevere on MY way, the one that sings to my heart, that feels like home, I will keep finding opportunities to keep moving forward.
And if I take those opportunities, I will always find some good things, if not just the right things and people for me. 
Synchronicity has a way of meeting the optimists, the faithful and the braves on their way
It might not look like or feel anything like what we expected. 
It might even ask a shitload of bravery on our part. 
But I promise, my dear hummingbird, if you decide to trust what’s on your path and sing to your own heart, you might very well, over and over, feel like the luckiest duck ever.
I hope you will allow yourself more and more to follow those weird offerings from our dear Universe, always here to help the emotional badasses in some weird way.

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