Dear helper,

I would love nothing more than to help you helping others to the best of your ability, while finding deep joy doing it.

I would especially love to make sure that in the process of you changing our world for the better, you can make sure to love yourself, and avoid or heal slowly from any addictions, depression, anxiety or burn out that might stand in your way.

Wether you support, guide, teach, lead people or advocate for a bigger cause, and especially if you are committed to do it in a way that promotes social justice for all, we will do our best work together if you recognize yourself in these words.

What you might struggle with

  • You love your job/cause, but struggle to find joy and meaning in practicing it right now.
  • You struggle to prioritize your needs and your self-care over others’ and duty.
  • You struggle to allow yourself to rest, and when you finally do, you feel guilty or over do it and can’t really enjoy that precious time off.
  • You sometimes feel like you are running in perfectionist, draining and disappointing circles.
  • You are sometimes secretly scared to wake up some day and realize you wasted so many years trying to stay small, to not dare enough, leaving your big dreams behind.

What you might be looking for

  • You want to find more freedom, courage and joy in your process and in your life, while doing it YOUR way.
  • You want to have better connections and a bigger and deeper impact on people, while staying unapologetically authentic.
  • You want to believe that the world can change and heal for the better, and that you can be a worthy part of this change.
  • You want to be braver, bolder, more adventurous, even if it may be in your own unique, quiet and discreet way.
  • You long to design a life and career you wholeheartedly love, and learn to love yourself unconditionally in its process.

The heart of my work

We don’t have to make big changes to be flourishing and thriving in our life.

Trauma, depression, burn-out, addictions and anxiety don’t have to invade our lives and relationships forever.

Through transformative self-work grounded in authenticity and self-love, we can start finding more peace, meaningful joy and fierce love in our lives and work, right now.

We can live a more flourishing and thriving life today. AND making the big changes more fluid and easier to implement in the process.

We can live a more flourishing and thriving life today. AND making the big changes more fluid and easier to implement in the process.

If you relate to these beliefs and experience, please find out more about the way I work or contact me

I can’t wait!

Talk soon,


If we take care of the suffering inside of us, we have more clarity, energy and strenght to help address the suffering, violence, poverty and inequity of our loved ones as well as the suffering in our community and the world